Squash Plant Zucchini HG 3.5″


Homegrown 3.5″ pot

50 Days
Zucchini is an easy to grow, prolific producer in the warm summer garden.  Plant 2 plants on slightly elevated hills or mounds when the danger of frost has passed.  Figuring one plant per family member will provide an abundant harvest.  Keep plants well-watered deeply at the roots.  Watering early in the day gives the foliage time to dry to help prevent disease.  The optimum harvesting size for best flavor is between 4-6″ in length, although it is fun to see just how big the fruit will grow.  Use a sharp knife or shears to harvest so you don’t damage the plant.  Pick often and always remove large, over-mature fruits to encourage new growth.  Zucchini can be kept refrigerated for up to one week in a plastic bag.  Use raw in salads, or use in soups, breads or cookies.

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