Squash Plant Spaghetti HG 3.5″


Homegrown 3.5″ pot

95 Days
The oblong fruits, 8″ by 6″, have yellow skin and flesh that separates into long, thin strings that resemble spaghetti.  It makes a nice low calorie substitute for pasta and has an excellent flavor.  Keep plants well-watered deeply at the roots.  Watering early in the day gives the foliage time to dry to help prevent disease.  Each fruit average 3-4 pounds.  Squash is ready to harvest when the skin has hardened (thumbnail can’t easily pierce the skin) and the “ground spot” changes from white to a cream or gold color.  This variety is a late summer-early fall squash and can be stored for several months in a cool, dry location.  Always remove large, over-mature fruits to encourage new growth.

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