Eggplant Plant Black Beauty HG 3.5″


3.5″ pot

80 Days
This variety has been around for many years.  Its easy and reliable growth habits make it a solid addition to the warm summer garden.  The egg-shaped fruits measure 8″ by 3-1/2″ with dark purple skin.  Plant after the garden soil warms and daytime temperatures are between 65 and 70 degrees, as it is cold sensitive.  Plant in rows 24-36″ apart.  Each plant will grow to 24-28″ in height and will produce high yields of tasty fruits.  Harvest fruits with a knife or pruning shears when ripe to avoid plant damage.  Eggplant is susceptible to Tobacco Mosaic Virus and can be spread  to plants if you smoke tobacco.  Always wash your hands before handling.  To test eggplants for ripeness, gently press with thumb.  If the flesh “gives” but immediately comes back, it’s ready for the grill, oven or salads.  A smooth, glossy exterior is also a good indicator.

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