Corn Plant Honey ‘N Pearl HG 3.5″


3.5″ pot

78 Days
Sweet corn is a summer tradition and this variety will win rave reviews on the table.  This super-sweet premium bi-color will do best if planted 8-12″ apart.  Planting shorter, more numerous rows, 30-36″ apart will aid in pollination.  Most gardeners recommend at least 4 shorter rows rather than 1 or 2 long ones.  Apply a balanced fertilizer when the plants are knee high and again when they tassel.  Water regularly and the plants will reach 4-6 feet in height with good ear production.  Plant corn on the north side of the garden so it doesn’t shade the other vegetables.  Plant another 4 rows 10 days later for more delicious corn.  The ears are ready to harvest when you crush a kernel with your thumbnail and the juice is milky white, and the silks are brown and dry at the end of the ear.  Another method is to watch your crop every day and when half of your ears are showing a tiny bit of silk, harvest time will be in 21 days.

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