To keep your plants healthy and looking fresh, we recommend that you fertilize your plants.  Fertilizer provides plants with the proper nutrition they need to grow.  By using fertilizer, you can expect your plants to have bigger and better roots, leaves, flowers, and fruit!

We recommend that you regularly apply Espoma Tone plant foods to ensure proper nutrition and growth.  We have an organic fertilizer for all of your needs!  For those of you that love Miracle Gro, we also carry their brand of fertilizer.



Espoma provides general feeding tips:

  1. Feed trees and shrubs twice a year—Spring and Fall
  2. Feed flowers and vegetables once per month through the growing season
  3. Apply plant food like salt and pepper, spreading thinly around the plant’s perimeter
  4. Do not apply plant food any closer than three inches to the stem of the plant
  5. Wash off any plant food that falls on stems or foliage
  6. Water thoroughly and add mulch to help conserve water and control weeds

For more information, visit Espoma’s website

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