Soil, Mulch & Compost

Everything starts with good soil– you can add compost and you can add fertilizer.  The better your soil, the better your garden.  For trees, shrubs, flowers, veggies and herbs you have to have good soil!  If you love to grow Cactus, Bonsai, African Violets, and/or Orchids, we sell special soil just for those types of plants.

Adding mulch to your garden can be very beneficial to your plants.  Mulch holds in soil moisture which protects your plants from drying out quickly.  Mulch also keeps your plants protected during those hot and cold months by either cooling the roots down (Summer) or warming them up (Winter).

Composting is really important to improve your soil!  It is commonly referred to as “Black Gold”.  The best type of compost is homemade.  This is easy and fun!  If you need help starting your own compost, ask us for help!  In store, we sell Leaf Hummus and Composted Cow Manure.

For a complete list of our soil, mulch, and compost types, click here.


New this year, we are selling ENCAP Flower Kits.  These kits are a all-in-one combination of mulch, fertilizer, and seed. They are a blend of annuals and perennials with colorful blooms.  It’s as easy as sprinkle and grow!

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